Global maintenance for photovoltaic facilities



IJES SOLAR offers to our customers the global maintenance service for photovoltaic facilities, which includes the preventive & corrective maintenance and also the technical advice. For huge solar farms we offer specialized services to check all structure’s components, focusing on the fixation systems (tightening torque), but on the solar panels as well.
With this preventive maintenance of the solar farms we make sure everything is working properly through a constant and intensive check. With these checks we test the main points of the photovoltaic facility, as for instance, electrical intensity’s values of the strings, electrical connection status, mechanical status and equipment’s cleanliness. This service includes a weekly electrical production monitoring , keeping our customers up to date, sending a complete report by email.

The corrective maintenance of the photovoltaic facility, includes an immediate change of the defective components that cannot be repaired due to the age of this component. In case of component’s malfunction, IJES SOLAR staff will propose you the best and reliable component that can be fitted to the current equipment. We provide this service in less than 48 hours.

With this full-service maintenance, IJES SOLAR experts will give you the legal advice regarding photovoltaic laws.

Regarding solar farms. We provide a full-service maintenance for the mechanical party, according to a statistic control of the tables, planned in advance by our engineers, where we check tightening torque, we mark screws and we do a visual check of every single bolted connection.


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