Newly built villa using 100% renewable energy. Isolated solar facility in Sax

In this occasion, we would like to introduce you our latest project. To achieve our objective, we have installed a solar energy facility for a rural villa in Sax (Alicante). This facility is made up of 8 solar panels of 250W poly-crystalline, placed them close to an inverter 4000W HUBER. This facility will provide our clients up to 3 days without external power supply, thanks to the batteries installed which have a capacity of 630 Ah and a voltage of 48V. Hoppecke batteries were the suitable ones for this type of facility, as per their excellent performance and long durability.

Instalacion solar aislada en Sax, de placas solares de particulares en casa rural Sax - Baterias

This facility was designed to be recharged by a power unit if necessary, which makes a safer facility, as this property can be fully provided by electricity under any external circumstances.

The materials used were galvanized steel and aluminium, and the mounting system was designed and manufactured by IJES SOLAR, having adapted them to this specific project. Instalacion solar aislada en Sax,de placas solares de particulares en casa rural Sax - estructura

Due to the great quality of all these components, the owner benefits from the clean and free energy of the Sun, forgetting the monthly invoices of the electrical companies forever.

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